Treasure, Manager
Somehow I think Treasure has always been with me. HAHA! She is my evil twin. As Manager of the salonsince 2002, she is the one who is on top of everything. Always looking out for us and making our clients experience the best possible, I swear she can do 6 things at once. Treasure is my brother from another mother. I think somehow we will always be attached like an old married couple. The clients love her and are always a little sad if they miss her. Treasure?s sense of humor is one of the things that can get us through some crazy times. I think that?s what I love about her the most. She also works as Education Coordinator for our ICON Project. She is an integral part of our family here. Essentially, she?s the mom and I?m the dad.

Hobbies? reading, running, travel, rock n’ roll, wining, dining (in no particular order)
Guilty pleasures?
Why feel guilty?
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