Stephanie, Stylist
What can I say about Stephanie that would make her even more of an important cornerstone in cutLoose? She has been with me since 2002, always brining the professional edge to her work and her communication skills. She is a perfectionist in her work. Being our first Bumble & bumble Network Educator, she also travels teaching at other salons. Stephanie has worked for Bumble & Bumble and Oribe doing fashion week several times in New York. To me, she really has an eye for bringing out the natural sexiness in her female clients without it being so obvious. She is also my “roommate” at work. I love her loyalty to the craft and to her clients. She means a lot to me personally and when her smiling face isn’t there, I sure do miss it!

Biggest “aha” moment?
Recently that life is too short to let time pass you by! I love everything about my life now, especially my fellow cutLoosers!
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