Ashley, Stylist
Ashley ?smashley? has been with us since 2007. She is one of our Bumble & bumble Network Educators. She helps train new stylists, as well as the entire salon, on new styling techniques she learns from her training at Bb.Univesity in NY. Ashley is always looking to innovate high style, keeping it clean yet young and modern. Everyone loves her quirky, fun and genuine personality. Ashley also teaches the Bumble & bumble way to other salons in our region. She excels in pushing other stylists to take things a bit further. Her incredible work ethic is contagious. Once she?s set her mind to something there?s no stopping her. She reminds me of myself when I was younger. She?s like a 15 year old boy on the inside and not afraid to act like one when it?s appropriate. Not only is she tough, she?s also extremely loving and gives the best hugs.

Hobbies? reading mindless trash like sci-fi and horror. Watching bands play, cooking and I'm still trying to learn the drums.... Kind of :)
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